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PPSU made Sanitary Skeleton Piping System
Polyphenyl Sulfone Resin is amorphous showing more excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical strength than any other transparent resins.


1. Transparent PPSU sanitary piping system enabling its inside to be seen.
2. Usable in wide fields, including process piping for food, drinks and medical supplies.
3. Made of PPSU which shows excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and mechanical strength,
enables the use of the system up to 100กษ.
4. The product requires no post-processing since the internal and external surface roughness is equivalent precision electrolytic grinding.
5. Ferrules complying with IDF/ISO, fitted on the product parts which allow connection to an existing stainless piping system.
6. The transparent piping which contributes to an improvement in the visual management of HACCP

The product observing Food Sanitation Law and free from any of 65 substances which are suspected of having endocrine disruptive action


- Three types of IDF1S/20A to 2S40A (all of which are fitted with ferrules specific to IDF/ISO)

- For use 5 กษ to 100 กษ/4kgf/(max)
- Note: Contact the supplier if you use the piping beyond the above temperature range.

- Pipes, Sockets, Bend, Eccentric reducer, sanitary packing (made of PTAEE/Si), sanitary clamps, etc.